Hansi's response to "New year thoughts"

    Dear Lolla, Thank you so much, for 3 years collecting, gathering and presenting lots of pics of men in heels!!! This is really a good support for all of us, admiring and wearing heels!
    Let me reply to your points in detail:
    re 1): I hope so too, that more and more designers will take the chance, to show, how good and elegant also men can look and walk in heels.
    re 2): This is probably related to the prices. More than 700 EUR for a pair of designer men-heels? For that amount, you get at least too pairs of Louboutin Heels (that look more desirable - in my opinion).
    re 3): EVERY thing, that is not well known as men´s fashion, especially that is not allowed to wear in business, makes people wonder and stereo-typical questions come up: are you gay? do you want to be a woman? etc. On the one hand, there is a quiet limited offer in men´s fashion, that often does not include anything fancy, colourful, etc. So it is maybe more obvious - especially if it comes to heels - that this is not, what you would expect worn by men. Women fought already for their right, to wear pants and today nobody notices or gets irritated, if a woman is wearing a tie, boxer shorts, etc. Men are still far away from that differentiation between "female" and "male" clothes and accessories.
    re 4): One the one hand, yes. But it is always a question how it is combined, how they are worn/ the way of walking. If you sway your hips like Marylin Monroe, you can be sure, that lots of men will look back. But if the heels are mostly hidden under pants and if you walk somehow "straight", only few people will notice and make jokes/ call you a faggot or whatever. Regarding the test in the Time Magazine: I have read that story that it would not make any sense, if women are risking to break their necks or to ruin their feet, because men would not notice the difference between flat and high heeled shoes. But in one or two article I found the complete story: the men saw the women only on a monitor, showing the schemes of the walking. So it was not visible, if they wore heels or flats. And this is also my impression from experiencing in pedestrian zones, etc. The women are noticing first, if I am wearing heels under my jeans. If I wear them openly, it is a relation of 50:50.
    re 5): YES! I totally agree! On the one hand it is okay and even necessary, to collect pictures, to share links to those archives; talking about fashion shows (with men in heels) and whatever might be helpful to show, that men in heels is more than just a fetish; that it is exactly the same as for women: a fashion item. On the other hand, there is no better way, to make this topic public, than to show it in public! So to every man who likes to wear heels: GO OUT ON THE STREETS! make it more public and finally more common and normal.
    Kind regards, Hannes/ Hansi

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Hansi's response to "New year thoughts"

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